About the Journal

Research and development is an important driver of socio-economic growth as it spurs innovation, invention, and progress. Today research dominates the industry sector significantly.

We welcome you to the emerging environment of research, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Knowledge creation is key to the future development of any society in an ever changing based on futuristic solutions of countries and communities. In order to develop FGEI and National University Pakistan into a true center of excellence, it is imperative that apart from maintaining high standards in teaching, research should be rigorously pursued and suitably rewarded.

R & Development Division at FGEI works for the promotion of research, commercialization, developing university-industry linkages, capacity building and policy development. It aims to protect and promote the interests of FGEI and is working on long-term, sustainable planning and progress of all of its units in integration with the departments of the FGEI. Through this journal we aimed to reorganize the structure of higher education is more market responsive and to satisfy the growing expectations of stakeholders.

It also strives to develop sustained contacts with the corporate sector/market/industry to ensure compatibility between research and requirements to increase its utility to the optimum. Therefore, this office facilitates, promotes, monitors, and publishes research conducted with the view to maximize both production and utility of research studies attempted in this regard.