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Our Mission, Vision & Objectives

Our Mission

To serve as catalyst for the development and empowerment of individuals, professionals and institutions through capacity building and sustainable solutions. The main mission of FIJMR is to provide a platform for innovative research and advancement in multidisciplinary fields research. This research journal will facilitate the collaboration between industry and academia. It can help bridge the gap between theory and practice, enabling researchers to develop practical solutions to real-world problems. One of the most exciting aspects of FIJMR’s mission is its commitment to promoting national and international collaboration. This can help researchers from different regions and backgrounds share their expertise and learn from one another, leading to more innovative and effective research outcomes. Additionally, by promoting development within FGEI and across the country, FIJMR can help support economic growth and sustainability across the continent. Overall, mission of FIJMR efforts will be to promote multidisciplinary research and innovation.


The vision of the FIJMR is an ambitious one, but also a critical one. By aiming to be a leading journal that will sensitizes the emerging local and global issues through calls for paper and conference arrangements. The journal can help draw attention to important issues that might not receive enough attention in traditional academic research. A key aspect of the journal’s vision is its commitment to enhancing the capacity of scholars through national and international collaboration. By promoting collaboration and knowledge-sharing across borders and disciplines. Finally, the journal’s vision to promote quality research publication in multidisciplinary fields is an important one.


  • To establish and maintain a close research collaboration with National and International communities.
  • To integrate and develop the relationship among education, research and industry.
  • To validate the thinking abstract and opinion through research globally.
  • To declare a clear and research product to the community for the establishment of policy.
  • To bring funding opportunities from national/international donors/sponsors to the attention of faculties.
  • Supporting Pakistani researchers to gain experiences from international research community.
  • Encouraging industrial involvement to promote innovation and collaboration with academia.
  • Review and publish research on emerging areas on National development.
  • Organize conferences and workshops fostering the transfer of knowledge between industry and academia in the multidisciplinary research areas.

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Vol. 2 No. 2 (2023): ARTICLES
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