Blasphemy and Proposed International Laws: Exploring the Controversies Surrounding Blasphemy of the Holy Quran and Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) in European Countries



blasphemy, The Holy Quran, Prophet Muhammad, European countries, International laws, Freedom of expression, Religious sensitivities


This research paper aims to examine the concept of blasphemy with a specific focus on instances related to The Holy Quran and Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him) in European countries. Blasphemy, expressing contempt or irreverence towards religious beliefs or practices, has been a subject of intense debate, particularly in cases involving Islamic religious symbols and figures. This paper investigates the controversies surrounding blasphemy of the Holy Quran and Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)in European countries, analyzing the legal frameworks, social implications, and cultural sensitivities involved. It explores the complexities of reconciling freedom of expression and the protection of religious sentiments within the diverse European context. Furthermore, the paper explores existing international laws. It proposes potential amendments or new international legal frameworks to address the challenges posed by blasphemy cases involving the Holy Quran and Prophet Muhammad. By examining the legal and socio-cultural dynamics, this research contributes to the ongoing discourse on blasphemy, religious sensitivities, and the need for international standards in addressing such cases.